The Job App for New Collar Jobs

AI that finds the your most compelling skills and quirky attributes, then uses them to help you stand out and find you a 21st Century New Collar Job where a college degree is not necessary.

How We Work

You build your Climb profile to let our AI start doing the hard work and building relationships fast with employers.


Answer a few questions to help our artificial intelligence learn more about what makes you tick.


You can apply for specific jobs or we'll automatically match you up with careers & companies where you will thrive.


You and employers get the conversation going fast since they know you're a good fit.

The Best Parts of You

We focus on ONE thing:

Using technology to find the BEST parts of you and help employers see your special talents so they can get out of their own way and hire you.

​It doesn't matter if you've only had a year of college, we'll dig into your personality and figure out how your skills are perfect for that entry to mid-level job.

​You just have to take the time to create your Climb profile and you can apply to countless jobs of the future with a single click.

"I never knew that being good with an iPhone was something an employer wanted!"

"Apparently I'm an inspirational team player that's in demand."

"The AI told them that I had GRIT and I would work through hard times!"

"They told me that I was the person they were searching for everywhere and they offered me the job on our first call."


Let our AI credential you and find you the perfect gig.

Life Skills 

What are your talents and passions that are non-job related.

Intelligence Type 

What is the special way that your brain processes information. [coming soon]

Video Interview 

How do you view and would you react to different kinds of situations. [coming soon]

Soft Skills

What are your people skills.


How do other people vouch for your skills. [coming soon]


If we spot an opportunity that makes you more competitive for a dream job we give you some help. [coming soon]