Empowering People to the 21st Century Life they Deserve


Climb is equalizing employment opportunities by helping applicants stand out with their skills, personality, and intelligence rather than solely being measured by a 4 year degree.​

We focus on real jobs that allow the middle class to climb the career ladder and create their futures.


About Climb

The world is quickly automating and threatening to leave an entire class behind. Many think that the jobs are disappearing, but the reality is they have just shifted, and there is a very large opportunity for Middle America to redefine itself.


Our economy needs people that are comfortable with technology to operate the machines across every job type.


This doesn’t require a 4-year degree, but very often a willingness to learn and some inherent traits that make someone rock star employees in the 21st Century. Climb wants to help find those people and match them up with the employers that already have those jobs open so we can move the economy and their lives forward.


We are a collective of passionate entrepreneurs and technologists that have raised tens of millions in venture capital, sold companies to major education providers, and created strategies for Kaplan, Sylvan, Pearson, and the Gates Foundations.